My Accutane Journey: Month 2

Month 2 of Accutane: DONE. Here’s my monthly mugshot.


I’m sort of smiling this time, 1. Uncle Bill told me to smile, and 2. I think the medication is WORKING. I’m now experiencing significantly less breakouts.

And the symptoms haven’t been bad AT ALL. I just saw my doc the other day and went over symptoms with her.

“Dry lips?”

“Yes. Crazy dry lips! Aquaphor is my friend.” (Seriously go get some for yourself this winter. It is the end-all be-all for dry lips).

“Dry skin?”

“Not really.” (I’m notoriously lazy when it comes to my morning routine and haven’t been applying lotion all over my body every single day as suggested. Skipping the routine has not had much of an effect. Again, I’m guessing I’ll have to worry about this more in the winter).

“Dry eyes?”


“Bloody nose?”





“Yes, but no more than usual.”

“Dry mouth?”

“Nope.” (In fact, I went to the dentist this month and the person cleaning my teeth said her son had also taken Accutane. She was really surprised by how much saliva I was producing while on Accutane).


“Stool softener is helping.”


“Very minimal.”

“Joint Pain?”

“Only when I get up from my chair. It gets better as I walk around.”


“How much can I drink?”

“One drink with a meal during the week and a couple of drinks on the weekend is okay. The blood work measures your liver function, so I’ll let you know if it becomes an issue.”

So there you have it. Things are going great and I think I’m seeing an improvement in my complexion. I just wish my scarring would go away, but that may take some more time.

Oh, and I’m not pregnant. I know you all were concerned.


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