My Top 10 Memories from Working at Blockbuster

Inspired by this article, 11 Secrets of Former Blockbuster Employees

Top 10 Memories from Working at Blockbuster

1. The times managers left me in charge of the store to smoke weed.
2. My 18th birthday, when the managers invited me to smoke weed with them to celebrate.
3. When one of those managers gave me a Valium for my birthday and offered to sell me more for $5 a pop. And how pleasant vacuuming the store was (a task I usually hated) after taking that Valium.
4. That time I showed up to work completely hungover and my manager made me stay because he knew I went to a college party the night before. Until I was throwing up every five minutes and he dejectedly told me to leave.
5. How oddly soothing the shrink wrap machine was.
6. How I told everyone who tried to rent Battlefield Earth to put it back. Now.
7. Going to Liberty Bell on lunch breaks.
8. Completely avoiding conflict and any sense of responsibility when anyone complained about late fees by immediately calling over a manager to deal with the unpleasantness.
9. Quitting because I worked weekends and had too many graduation parties to attend that summer.
10. Being told that I failed the psych test when I reapplied.

Ah, good times.


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