Bill Cosby Headlines Should Change “Sex” to “Rape”


The justice system, society, and the media continue to fail rape victims, as we see in the huge “I told you so” that occurred today:documents were released showing that Bill Cosby admitted to giving Quaaludes to women so he could rape them.

Why does it take one deposition record being released vs. 30+ women who came forward (most of whom had ZERO opportunity for financial gain) for us to be convinced that Bill Cosby is a monster?

Because that’s what rape culture is.

And now, due to this culture, headlines are reading that Cosby drugged women “to have sex with him.”

Cosby didn’t drug women to have sex with him. The very word WITH assumes that consent is involved.

Cosby had sex ON women, not with them.

He raped them.

And now I’m asking every news publication I see using the word “sex” in relation to Cosby to please correct their headline to read “rape” instead.

And you know what? This hurts me. I grew up watching The Cosby Show and idolized Mr. Cosby as a family man and a role model for all.

I also took pride in the fact that Bill obtained his master’s and doctorate degrees from the same school I pursued my undergraduate degree, UMass Amherst.


But now that pride has turned to shame.

As I was looking for a picture to go with this post, I saw so many pictures of Mr. Cosby smiling. And I was temporarily forgetful and nostalgic, thinking of all the times he made me laugh growing up.

But it doesn’t change what he did to so many women.

I am truly saddened. Especially for the women affected.


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