Romans 7

romans7-15(Image Courtesy of re-Ver(sing) Verses)

I once was a defiled symphony
violin strings binding wrists
screeching selfishly
until my spotlight blew
and I saw the theater, empty.

I went searching for anyone
who would hear my show.
I found some who, deaf and dumb,
couldn’t say no.

I sucked their venom
and felt powerful, filled with pride,
until, unseen, I regurgitated black
spiteful, slow suicide.

Each time I ended in a waiting room, alone
with dull eyes, asking for cure.
Freely given, I was told
I wouldn’t feel the venom anymore.

But the poison had done its work.
It spread to my brain,
turned my soul to stone,
and I needed more, again and again.

The first time I listened to the quiet
I found You
calling to my sick spirit
then blessing it anew.

I exclaimed hallelujah,
then betrayed You in the same breath,
unable to admit that
I was the cause of my impending death.

I tried to bribe You several times.
For years I was unable to accept
that to make my soul white
only You could pay my debt.

The war inside continues
But, each day, becoming less and less.
Peace stands on the horizon
All I have to do is say, “Yes.”


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