I am a Christian and I Support Marriage Equality


I am a Christian and I support marriage equality.

About ten years ago, I decided it wasn’t worth my time as a Christian to try to deny two adults who are in love the right to marry and two adults who wish to raise children together in a loving home (rather than no home or a broken home) the right to adopt.

Christian brothers and sisters… your efforts to deny this right to gays isn’t saving or converting anyone. In fact, it doesn’t accomplish anything good. It just makes Christians look like jerks.

I’ve struggled with the gay issue since the infancy of my salvation because I’ve known several gay people. As a Christian, it has always broken my heart that most gay people feel automatically locked out of God’s Kingdom because they’re gay. I know many of them have struggled with their identities, and some even questioned why God made them the way He did. I feel so much compassion for these men and women, who often feel so rejected by our society. I want them to know that God loves them so much and would never reject them.

I wish more Christians would focus their energies on loving their gay friends and neighbors and showing them who God really is instead of condemning them. That is a much better use of our time.

Some Christians claim to be concerned about the “sanctity” of marriage. Perhaps they should try to have divorce outlawed instead. I’ve seen zero families hurt by gay marriage. I’ve seen so many families hurt by divorce. Where’s the outrage for divorce affecting the sanctity of marriage?

Allowing gay people to marry in no way affects the sanctity of my heterosexual marriage, and in no way does it interfere with my right as a straight person to marry whom I love.

Also, the United States is not a theocracy, so to me it should be out of the question to create a law to ban gay marriage simply because MY Bible says it should be so.

And that’s all dependent on one’s interpretation of the Bible. There is nothing in the Bible that denounces gay marriage. It denounces “lying with a man as one would lie with a woman.”

When reading about homosexuality in the Bible, I’ve often wondered if people living in biblical times ever gave a thought to monogamous homosexual relationships. To me, the way homosexual acts are described in the Bible sounds akin to the way adultery is described in the Bible. It makes me wonder if homosexuality was perceived as a symptom of promiscuity or adultery in Biblical times.

All that aside, I don’t consider the issue regarding gay marriage central to my Christian faith. Love is central to my faith. I love my gay brothers and sisters, and hope they are able to experience the same things I enjoy as a married person.


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