My Friend Sondy, The Miracle (Part 1)

Several doctors and specialists call Sondy Knitter a “miracle patient.”

On the brink of death in January 2010 due to complications from several health conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and two rare lung diseases, Sondy had an experience that, at first, she was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would think she was crazy.

One evening, while a patient at Memorial Hospital in Abilene, Kan., Sondy felt a presence in her room. At first, she assumed it was one of the hospital’s nurses. When a nurse did not come to her bedside to administer medication, Sondy sat up in bed, wondering who was in her room. When she gazed across the hospital room, she saw her grandmother, who has been deceased for 17 years.

Standing next to her grandmother was Jesus Christ.

“I knew I was losing it and that it wasn’t possible,” Sondy said. She wondered if any of the medications she was on was the cause of the vision.

It only felt real to her when Sondy’s grandmother and Jesus came to her bedside and grasped her hands. Her grandmother was on one side of her hospital bed, and Jesus was on the other.

“The physical contact convinced me that it was real,” Sondy said.

Then, her grandmother spoke to her.

“She said, ‘Sondy… when you were growing up you were always so tough, but you just might not make it this time. If you want to live, you have to ask Jesus to come into your life and have a relationship with him.'”

The experience changed her entire life.

Prior to the experience, Sondy attended church with her husband and two daughters, but never had a personal relationship with the Lord.

Sondy contacted her church pastor immediately following the experience to ask him if what had happened in her hospital room was real.

“I didn’t feel comfortable telling people about it until I knew for certain that it was real. My pastor said to me, ‘Not many people experience what you have experienced, but it was real. (Because of your physical condition), you had one foot here (on earth) and one foot there (in heaven).’ The reason your grandmother was there is because Jesus knew you two were close and that you would listen to her.”

Shortly after her encounter with Jesus, Sondy’s condition took a turn for the worse. She was flown to the #1 respiratory hospital in the nation, Rose Medical Center (affiliated with National Jewish Health) in Denver. Her primary care doctor later told her that she was certain Sondy wouldn’t survive after she arrived in Denver. Knowing this, Sondy’s family and friends arrived at Memorial Hospital to say goodbye.

“I didn’t realize they were there to say goodbye,” Sondy said. “I thought they were just saying ‘see you later,’ and wishing me well in Denver. I knew I was going to make it.”

A respiratory specialist was waiting for Sondy to arrive in the Rose Medical Center ICU. He told her months after that when she arrived in the ICU, “I knew there was nothing I could do for you. You had arrived too late.”

Sondy and her husband, Jeff, were told by the respiratory specialist that she would need a lung transplant.

Due to a recovery that is beyond medical explanation (according to her doctors), that was ruled out of the question.

However, Sondy didn’t know that her greatest challenge was still ahead of her.

To be continued…

Sondy wrote a book about her experiences called Not Ready to Die. It is available to order through her website. (Just FYI – Sondy has sold most of her first print copies, and is in the process of a second edit and printing. There may be a wait if she is out of first print copies, so please check back later if that is the case).


Sondy Knitter at a recent speaking engagement.


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