Mr. and Ms. Perfect

The Perfect Woman

Who’s the “Perfect Woman?”

Apparently I am… almost. In the Boston area.

According to a survey conducted on the dating/auction site What’s Your Price (Wow I didn’t realize online prostitution was legal now), clients in the Boston area said their “Perfect Woman”

  • has red hair;
  • has green eyes;
  • is a social drinker;
  • does not smoke; and
  • has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

I’m sans a master’s degree, but I’ll continue to be near-perfect as long as I keep appointments with my colorist.

Apparently, those seeking men in the Boston area have higher standards. The “Perfect Man”

  • earns $100,000 to $150,000 a year;
  • has a bachelor’s degree;
  • has brown hair;
  • has blue eyes;
  • sports an athletic build;
  • is a social drinker; and
  • doesn’t smoke.

I’m not married to the “Perfect Man,” but I’m married to the man who is perfect for me. Why? He is:

  • intelligent (he has a formal education, but that’s not what makes him smart);
  • funny;
  • interesting;
  • ambitious;
  • kind;
  • faithful;
  • the yang to my yin; and
  • someone who makes me a better person.

I asked my husband for bullet points about why he is with me. These are them, verbatim. I:

  • have a good sense of humor;
  • can take a punch (HA HA);
  • am “no bullshit”;
  • am low maintenance;
  • am artsy;
  • like sports;
  • don’t want kids; and
  • am “wicked smaht kid.”

What qualities do you value or look for in a mate? Who’s your “Perfect Person”? Do you think the “What’s Your Price?” clients’ standards are unrealistic?


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