Happy New Year From The Little Apple!

Greg and I spent New Year’s Eve in “The Little Apple” (Manhattan, Kansas). Manhattan hosts a ball drop in Aggieville, the section of town that has several bars and is where Kansas State University students go to party. We decided we should do New Year’s Eve in the Little Apple before we leave Kansas, just to say that we did.

It was all right… nothing to write home about (we’re a little old for the college bar scene). Four of us kept warm inside a bar near the ball drop until a few minutes before the new year. We paid $12 for a cheap, warm bottle of champagne that the ladies split. The guys wisely ordered scotch and rum well drinks.

We (thankfully) scored a high-top before the bar got too crowded. As we sipped our drinks and waited, we were increasingly surrounded by drunk guys chasing tail and a few ladies that were sooooooooo under dressed for the freezing weather that I couldn’t tell if they were looking for a New Year’s kiss on the dance floor or just coming off their shift at the strip club.

I shouldn’t judge. I wore heels instead of my ugly, dirty snow boots, risking life and limb on icy sidewalks for my vanity (New Year’s Eve is a time for heels, not snow boots, damn it).

I didn’t get thrown up on or shoved aside by a testosterone-induced fist fight as feared (the latter of which happened the last time I did Manhattan’s bar scene). Thankfully, most people were there just to celebrate and kiss their sweethearts when the clock struck 12.

Here’s a picture of Greg and I, with the apple-shaped “ball” in the background (which you can barely see- I should have brought my camera instead of relying on the iPhone for a decent photo).

Happy New Year from Manhattan, Kansas!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?


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