Kansas Moments: Best Traffic Stop Ever

kansasroadI’m making a category on my blog called “Kansas Moments.” I grew up in the Boston area and have lived in Kansas for the past six years. I spent most of my life in a somewhat crotchety culture, so the kindheartedness of Kansans often impresses me.

Tuesday night, my husband Greg and I were driving home from a high school basketball game. On our way out of town, a car passed us, turned around, and then there were red and blue lights flashing in our rear view.


“You weren’t speeding, were you?” I asked Greg.

“No- I was going under 65,” Greg said.


“Yeah, I don’t know what they’re pulling us over for.”

“Maybe we have a busted headlight… or it’s just a small town cop with nothing better to do.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Greg may have clocked 66 mph and this small town cop had a quota to meet. We pulled over and Greg rolled down the window as a cop approached the driver’s side.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked.

“No sir… I don’t,” Greg replied respectfully.

“Because this guy told me to,” the cop said.

There was a tap, tap, tap, on the passenger side window. I rolled down the window and there was Greg’s cousin, Cole, smiling at us.

We both breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. Cole recently started working for the local sheriff’s department, and simply wanted to say hi and ask us who won the game.

There’s a Kansas experience I can cross of my list: getting pulled over by someone you know just because he wanted to mess with you.

The stop wasn’t completely without merit. We need to get our low lights fixed and were kindly reminded to watch for deer.


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